Sonya vows to protect Nell

Sonya is relieved to see her daughter is safe and tells Toadie that Nell wasn’t in any danger. But when Toadie realises what a close call it had been he calls her on lying to him. Sonya sees how her fear is impacting on Toadie and she agrees they need to be open with one another – Toadie’s new situation must not undermine their relationship.

Paul confides in Daniel and Amy that he’s considering asking Naomi to marry him and Amy’s pleased that her dad is confiding in her. Naomi almost derails the whole plan, though, by refusing the date due to tiredness but Amy gets her there. Daniel decorates the rotunda with flowers and Paul pulls out the ring and pops the question.

Mark and Aaron offer their savings to buy into the garage to keep Russ in Erinsborough. Only Tyler is less than enthusiastic, hiding his feelings from his family and Paige, but confiding in Nate that he’s not happy with the thought of his dad sticking around forever.