Sonya wants a fresh start

Will the Ramsay Street residents be willing to forgive and forget Sonya's past actions?

Sonya’s determined to apologise to those affected by her actions, but understandably, people are unforgiving. It’s going to be a long road of recovery – but will Sonya be able to stay on the right track?

Toadie seeks Sonya out and lays his heart on the line. He’s desperate to save his family – but will he get the response he wants from Sonya, or is it too late?

Meanwhile, Elly’s quest to find dirt on Finn leads her to a person from Finn’s past, sure to be filled with secrets. However, Elly’s visit isn’t a welcome surprise… will she get the information she needs?

Also, Paige still feels overwhelmed by her pregnancy and the impending massive life change. She needs to reflect and come to terms with her reality and there’s only place she can go to do that…