Tash is looking after the bar while Andrew’s at hospital having tests when a customer complains about Sonya breastfeeding baby Nell. Wanting to sort the problem out with minimum fuss, Tash asks Sonya to move elsewhere and a stunned Sonya agrees. When her fellow mums arrive for their mothers’ group lunch, Sonya comes to her senses and immediately complains to Andrew, demanding an apology. Wishing to avoid controversy, Andrew asks Tash to smooth things out but her apology falls very short of the mark and Sonya threatens to go to the press.

Callum is keen to get a cute photo taken with Nell to give to Rani but manages to wake his baby sister up in the process. He’s forced to explain his motives to Toadie who helps him get the snap but while Rani loves the photo, she’s not showing any signs of being interested in Callum.

Vanessa still refuses to leave baby Patrick’s side and, knowing that she needs to rest, Georgia offers to organise a room for her in the hospital’s accommodation wing. However, Vanessa is worried that accepting the room would mean Patrick’s condition is worse than she thought.