Sonya’s horrified by Jade’s behaviour

Sonya can’t relax with Jade in town, and says no when she asks to stay. However, Jade is persuasive and Sonya reluctantly agrees. The sisters go to Lassiter’s and Sonya can’t relax when Lucas joins the girls. When Jade kisses Lucas, the girls argue and Sonya tells her that too much has happened between them and she wants her out of her life. However, Jade refuses to leave until she finds out what Sonya’s problem is.

With her first invoice from Tim, requesting ten thousand dollars in ten days, Lyn has her house valued in the hope of selling it. She asks him for an extension but he refuses telling her until he has her money, Steph is staying in jail. Desperate, Lyn turns to Paul for help, but when he realises it’s for Steph’s appeal, he refuses to help.

With Christmas around the corner, Summer and Charlie have decorated the tree. When Lyn comes home. Summer tells her there was a message from a real estate agent giving them a valuation for their house. Lyn is relieved when Summer tells her she will support her decision. However, an increasingly desperate Lyn has another idea when she receives a letter to renew her house insurance she has an idea. With the insurance renewed, Lyn places some faulty Christmas lights on their tree.

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