Sonya’s moved by her neighbour’s support

Still reeling from the complaint made to the DHS, Sonya contemplates Nell being taken away from her and is tempted to drink alcohol. Brennan comes up with an idea and the neighbours rally together, writing all their secrets on paper and presenting them to Sonya, illustrating their trust in her. Sonya is moved and for a moment is able to forget her troubles.

Kyle is stunned when Gary shows up and finally comes clean about the real reason he ran out all those years ago: to keep his family safe from local criminals. While Kyle buys his story, Sheila has her doubts. Deciding not to voice them to Kyle, she turns to Brennan and asks him to discreetly look into the armed robbery Gary told them about.

Informed by Matt that Elvis has been dumped after being stolen again, Karl has to negotiate his safe return after a young woman and her daughter take a liking to him. Elvis is finally returned home and Susan strikes a bargain: if Karl keeps Elvis locked out of sight, she’ll talk about the possibility of them getting a pet.