Sonya’s tormentor is finally revealed

Sonya finds Nell safe in his room, but Brennan with a mild concussion and the window wide open. He didn’t get a look at his attacker. After a sleepless night, Toadie and Sonya hear someone in the house… and find a woman there. Sonya knows exactly who it is – Erin.

Brad is distressed to learn from Paul that Ezra accompanied Terese to her room. Later, Terese rounds on Paul, revealing that Ezra tried to attack her. Brad returns to confess his love for her, and desire to repair their marriage and she breaks down, explaining about her near miss with Ezra.

While furiously filling in the hole he dug, Nate hears a phone ringing and is alarmed to discover Susan unconscious. Back at home, Karl’s annoyed with Nate but he confesses the holes are a way to battle his insomnia, a trick he learned in his army days. Chris apologises to Nate for not being there and they declare their love for each other.