Desperate, Simon tries to call Will, and when he confides in Cherry, Zara overhears and naturally takes the mickey. Meanwhile, Sophie eventually talks to Will wanting to know how many affairs he’s had with men and Will admits he’s in love with Simon. Sophie tells Will he can be with Simon, but not in her house, and that they must stay together for Ben’s sake. Delighted, Will calls Simon, but is stunned when Simon tells him it’s over.

Ruth’s upset that the tap rehearsals are proving a disaster. Julia confides in Heston that Ruth will be devastated if they all look like idiots – so he suggests if they are bad they should be spectacularly bad! At the end of the day, they tell Ruth of their plan to have her as the star of the show so that they can fade into the background!

Also, Michelle helps old friend Josh confront his mother’s past when his girlfriend unearths a dark family secret.

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