Realising Maddie’s done a runner, Sophie runs out and spots her breaking into Mary’s motorhome. Following her and Ben in, she talks sense into Maddie and persuades her she’s only making matters worse by snatching Ben. But as they leave, the police pounce and in the confusion both Sophie and Maddie are arrested.

Eva tells Leanne she’s being horribly unfair after going to the cinema with Nick and tells her to tell him the truth. Not wanting to hurt Nick’s feelings, Kal and Leanne make a huge sacrifice and let each other go.

Chesney and Sinead arrive for dinner in the Bistro and Sinead’s horrified to find she’s wearing the same dress as Katy. Worried she’s not as attractive as Katy, Sinead lets her self consciousness take over, and gets drunk before causing a scene. 

Also, Tim tells Sally he’s going to stay at a mate’s as they’re just not suited; Steve and Lloyd bicker over their fitness prowess; and Tyrone tells Fiz that Maria is too upset to come for tea.