Sophie and Maddie are attacked! (VIDEO)

Having spent the night together in the hostel, Maddie and Sophie are horrified when two thugs force their way into their room demanding money. Threatening to come back tomorrow, Sophie wants to go to the police, but Maddie’s having none of it. It’s clear Sophie is out of her depth.

A desperate Anna calls at Phelan’s and pleads with him to stop making their lives a misery, but Phelan tells her he will only destroy the CCTV and release them if she spends the night with him. Utterly disgusted, Anna leaves, but when she finds Gary crouched on the floor, crying and unable to take any more, she considers Phelan’s indecent proposal.

Andrea calls at the Rovers to work on a history project with Steve, but leaves in a huff when he accuses her of still carrying a torch for him.

Also, Julie is unimpressed when Todd has a go at Maria for her treatment of Marcus, blaming her for the fact Marcus has gone to London.