Sophie‘s in turmoil and is desperate to talk to Amber again, but Amber tells her their kiss meant nothing, she’s not a lesbian. Upset Sophie rushes from the shop, telling Sunita she quits. Sunita goes after Sophie, who eventually breaks down, admitting her crush on Amber. Comforting Sophie, Sunita urges her not to have her head turned by Amber as what she has with Sian is worth more than that. Acting on this Sophie tells Sian she doesn’t want to wait till they’re 18 to get married and wants them to speak to their parents again. Touched by Sophie’s words, Sian agrees.

As Stella checks up on Lloyd after last night’s dinner she finds him in a state: he’s just been notified of an on-the-spot audit of the cab office. With the paperwork in a mess and Steve away on holiday Lloyd panics.

Stella’s not impressed to hear that Eva is dating Leanne’s ex and warns her not to trust Nick. Annoyed, Eva slates her interfering mother to Nick, who admits it’s familiar territory for him with Gail.

Also, Tina’s thrown to discover Matt has overstated her qualifications to Nick and fumbles her way through the interview.

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

Sally reminds Sophie of her kiss with Amber, claiming it proves she and Sian are too young to get married. But fuelled by the clash with her parents Sophie persuades Sian to run away to Scotland where they can marry without permission. Meanwhile, at work Frank has helped Sally to see it’s not worth falling out with her daughter over this. But when she returns home to speak to Sophie she’s shocked to find a letter revealing she’s gone!

Stella’s worried that Lloyd is going to have a nervous breakdown over the audit and offers to help sort the cab office accounts. Lloyd’s grateful and as he opens up about life without Cheryl it’s clear he feels massively let down by Steve. Stella tries to comfort Lloyd, insisting she and Karl are there for him.

Faye’s not the only one who’s unimpressed with Owen digging a pond. David’s horrified, pointing out the danger it poses to Max.

Also, with passions rising Nick takes Eva home, but they’re interrupted by Gail; Tina rails at Matt for bigging her up to Nick as she bombed in the interview. Matt says there’ll be other jobs and Tina realises Matt has a problem dating a girl who works in a back street pub…