Sophie and Sian plan their escape!

Sophie is feeling extremely awkward as she opens up to Kevin about her relationship with Sian. He’s obviously shocked and struggles to accept his daughter’s sexuality. After seeing Kevin’s reaction both girls are even more terrified about their parent’s reactions and decide the only thing to do is to run away. But as Sophie heads for the door Rosie uncovers her plan and tries to stop her sister leaving.

Steve‘s motorbike suddenly goes missing, and remembering that Kylie had been asking Liz all about it she’s quick to point the finger.

Ken‘s discovers that Susan has a son that he didn’t know about and after learning of his birth date begins to wonder whether it could be his. Claiming to be a friend of his mother’s, Ken calls Lawrence and arranges to meet.

Also, Fiz catches a glance of Natasha’s scan and she’s aghast to recognise the scan as her own. As she demands what’s going on, Natasha wonders whether it’s time to confess; Claire feels that everyone is against her.

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