Sophie Falls!

Sophie falls from the heavens with an almighty bump. She’s feeling really low after her row with Sian, but as usual her family are too caught up in their own problems to notice. Sunita later finds her drunk and urges her to go home, but Sophie does anything but as she makes her way to the church brimming with anger. And an encounter with the pastor leaves her life hanging in the balance.

Graeme’s desperate to make-up with Tina after their public argument but he’s thwarted at every turn and eventually their urges land them in trouble.

Fiz frets over Hope’s homecoming. As Fiz brings Hope home there’s a welcoming committee on the street. Meanwhile, Chesney’s stunned when Katy tells him she’d love to be a young mum.

Also; When Marc cancels another date with Claudia, she and Audrey wonder if he’s hiding something; Anna’s pleased when Faye’s visit goes well, but when Eddie washes her special blanket it looks like their hard work has been undone; David and Kylie stumble on a dark secret.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

The Websters pray for a miracle as Sophie lies unconscious. They are united in fear for her life as they race to the hospital. It’s a horrible revelation for Sally and Kevin when they realise that they have been neglecting Sophie, and this is the result of their squabbles. As they wait at her bedside they prey that she will pull through

Fiz is obsessed with guarding Hope from infection, terrified that she will come to harm. She comes to a decision and gives a gutted Chesney an ultimatum – Schmeichel will have to go.

Graeme pleads with David to keep his secret. Tina and Graeme are forced to beg David and Kylie to keep quiet about their arrangement with Xin. Will they agree?

Also; Claudia’s gutted as she and Audrey spot a woman at Marc’s house, especially after suspecting that he is seeing someone else; When an upset Faye leaves with the social worker Anna snaps at Eddie, fearing he’s ruined everything as usual.

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