Sophie feels completely abandoned

Still reeling from Kate’s betrayal, Sophie does her best to ignore the stares and whispers at school, but when Callum calls her on dobbing on her sister and Priya takes a hard line with her on school rules, Sophie feels the only person in her corner is Paul. However even this collapses when she discovers Paul’s supporting Kate as well as her. Sophie now feels utterly alone. Who can she turn to?

Feeling bad about the way things ended, Malcolm buys Jade an expensive pair of earrings. Jade’s uncomfortable about accepting the gift and gives them to Sonya, but not before Susan has spotted them and assumes they are a gift for Malcolm’s wife, Catherine. When she sees the earrings on Sonya, the penny drops – Malcolm’s been having an affair with Jade. She tells Karl and for the second time that day she’s confronted with an ugly truth: Karl knew all along.

Karl’s getting the feeling Susan might be moving to reconciliation, so he turns down his chance of moving into the perfect flat. Soon after, Susan confronts him with the secret he’s been harbouring about Malcolm and Jade. Has Karl blown his chance?