Sophie gets a 21st birthday gift to remember

Sophie’s thrilled when Kevin presents her with a 21 per cent share of the garage for her 21st birthday. Elsewhere, Norris is scathing when Mary reveals that she and Brendan plan to spend bonfire night on a ghost walk at a stately home.

Steve sets about tiling the ladies’ loos, but Liz is forced to enlist Tony’s help. While there, Tony tells Liz how sorry he is for all the pain he’s caused and begs her to give him another chance. Later, Steve is furious when he spots her giving him a pint and chatting away like nothing’s happened.

Izzy’s angry with Alya, pointing out that Gary’s disappeared and Jake’s missing his dad. Alya arrives home and announces to Yasmeen and Sharif that she’s moving out. Meanwhile, Anna calls at the Nazirs and angrily reveals that Gary has gone to stay with his dad in Hamburg and Alya has ruined his life.

Nessa joins Ken, Rita and Audrey in the Rovers. When Nessa hears that Audrey’s short-staffed, she offers up her services explaining that she’s a trained stylist.