Sophie loses it!

Andrew is determined to sign band, Red Cotton, and arranges to make a music video in the school. Having persuaded Priya to let it go ahead, Andrew puts his foot down when Sophie demands to be there. Annoyed when he refuses, a determined Sophie goes around him and asks Priya, who agrees on the condition that she gets her guardian’s consent – Kate. Sophie gathers up the courage to talk to her sister but is shocked to discover she’s gone and nobody knows when she’ll be back.

Not letting this stop her, Sophie signs the form herself and gains access to the shoot. Andrew is not happy when he sees her there, knowing the lead singer will kick off after Sophie dumped his little brother. However, Sophie leaves them with no choice, but when she gets involved, her anger over Kate come to the fore and she kicks off, trashing the school toilets and the band’s equipment. Priya is furious and suspends Sophie, but it seems she doesn’t care.

Determined to forget Dominic, Kate continues her travels – only to run into him again. Erin insists it’s ‘traveller’s fate’ but Kate fights it, not wanting to be the sort of girl who believes in that. However, when she struggles to shake thoughts of charming Dominic, Kate makes the conscious decision to pursue fate and enjoy the time they have left together.