Sophie overdoses!

Nate finally tells Sophie they’re over and distraught, she storms out, giving Nate the chance to apologise to Hannah. Suggesting they start over, Nate’s relieved when Hannah accepts this. But when he arrives home to find Sophie’s overdosed, he’s devastated.

Oscar’s feels sidelined when Maddy reveals Josh has been an amazing support. Realising she still has feelings for him, Oscar warns her against falling for Josh again. But it’s clear Oscar’s the one whose heart will be broken. 

When Josh sees Hannah at the hospital, he can’t help asking after Evie. Reminded of what Josh is giving up to support her, Maddy gives him the chance to walk away – but Josh refuses. Comforted, Maddy lets her feelings for Josh grow – despite Oscar’s wise warning.

Brax is convinced Ricky won’t want him around the baby but when Ash checks in with Ricky, she insists he needs to help Brax through this. Ash suggests he and Brax get lost for a while and Ricky tells him do whatever necessary to stop torturing himself. Grateful for her understanding, Brax kisses her.