Sophie puts her life in danger

When Nate finds out Sophie’s checked into the caravan park, he confronts her, but she denies she followed him. When Oscar tells Hannah about Sophie, she goes to see her. Sophie tells her to go away and Oscar questions the tension between the ladies, putting Hannah on the spot. In floods of tears, Sophie pours petrol around her caravan and Nate hears her screams.

Ricky pleads with Brax not to go with Ash, so Andy offers to take Brax’s place. Brax reluctantly agrees. However, he voices his concerns about Andy, but Ricky doesn’t buy it at all. She tells him he wants to be part of the adventure and he should just go. Brax phones Ash and tells him he’ll be joining them in the search for his sister. 

With Maddy refusing to have a scan, Hannah advises Oscar to tell Josh the truth. He refuses, but when he sees Josh and Maddy at The Diner and sees how invested he is, he comes clean. Josh and Oscar confront Maddy and she lashes out at Oscar for telling Josh.