Sophie realises something’s up with Kate

Sophie spends the day with her big sister but is stunned to discover that Kate spent a large sum of money at the bachelor auction to get a date with Kyle. Despite Kate’s claim that it was all for charity, Sophie starts to think that there’s more to it than her sister is admitting.

After a great evening at the charity event, Vanessa is looking forward to her massage date with Rhys. Lucas is worried that she’s setting herself up for a fall and warns her of Rhys’s history with women, but Vanessa is having none of it – she can look after herself.

Susan recognises Rhys’s mother, Elaine, at the hospital and the two share a coffee. But when Rhys arrives to collect his mother, he’s furious to discover that the two have been discussing his family, particularly his father, and tells a mortified Susan in no uncertain terms to back off from his personal life. Unfortunately for him, Vanessa witnesses his outburst and decides there and then to shut down their blossoming friendship.