As Ryan, Michelle and Ciaran rush Sian to hospital she demands they call Sophie. She dashes to Sian’s hospital bedside and is in an awful state when she hears Sian’s appendix burst and they’ve operated. As Ryan and Sophie wait at her bedside Sophie can’t help but wonder why Sian was with Ryan.

John squirms in Colin’s company as Fiz waits back on the street for any news. John’s desperate to put Colin off going back into teaching, but Colin’s more interested in Charlotte as it dawns on John that he left because they were having an affair. Will Charlotte keep quiet, especially when her husband Luke witnesses another cosy chat between John and Charlotte?

Lewis strikes up flirty banter with Deirdre in the bookies and the sexual tension crackles between the pair. Meanwhile, Audrey tells Lewis she’s been reassessing her life. She’s going to be 70 in a weeks and thinks it’s time for a change.

Also, Lloyd and Cheryl have a charged hug and it looks like things might go further; Owen asks Liz on a date.

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