Sophie’s arrival sends shockwaves through the Bay!

Denny helps Chris recover after the fight, but she’s annoyed at his jealous behaviour. She’s also annoyed at Casey for throwing the punch, but is determined to check if he’s OK. Casey desperately tries to avoid Denny. Lying to her, he tells her that there are no hidden feelings, but they can’t hang out any more because he’s worried about how Chris will react.

Ricky sees Nate and Sophie talking on beach, and when Sophie introduces herself as Nate’s wife, the mood grows awkward. Later, as Nate tries to explain to Ricky that they have been separated for years, she screams at him, wanting to know why he didn’t tell her the truth. Later, Nate tells Leah that Sophie has come to the Bay to be the new school principal, but no-one has heard anything about Bianca leaving.

Sophie tells Nate that she’s still in love with him and wants to be his wife again. Nate is guilt-ridden and he tells her he can never go back to that again. It’s clear that the past is too painful for Nate to handle.

Also, Oscar’s court hearing is today and he’s preparing for the worst. The trial result is positive but this doesn’t change Oscar’s mood and he has a panic attack, leaving Evelyn to go find help.