Sophie’s crush on Noah deepens

Already worried about her little sister, Kate’s fears are realised when she finds Sophie’s notebook covered in scribblings about Noah and how she feels about him. When Kate confides in Paul, he asks what she knows about Noah and whether he could be encouraging Sophie, putting doubts into Kate’s mind. However, she speaks to Noah and he assures her he isn’t interested in Sophie in that way and agrees to keep guitar lessons to the lounge.

While teaching Summer to drive, she doesn’t get very far before reversing Andrew’s car into Paul’s car. Enjoying winding up Karl, Paul warns him it’s going to be expensive. Things get worse for Karl when Susan contacts Rhys with her article about the patient advocacy programme, pointing out that Susan has criticised the doctors in her report. Karl knows it’s aimed at him. Desperate, Karl begs Paul not to run the article, explaining that he’s trying to save his marriage but it’s no surprise Paul won’t help considering Paul’s never made a single relationship work.

Having talked Chris into getting involved in his latest business idea, Andrew is keen to get started. However, when Andrew promises to find a car for a customer, Chris tells him it isn’t possible as it’s a rare car and he’s not interested in being part of Andrew’s scam.