Sophie continues seeing Corey, blackmailing Andrew to keep it from Paul. However, Andrew can’t hide his interest when Corey admits his brother is the lead singer in Red Cotton. At Harold’s, Kate spies Sophie on her date, and realises how much she’s missing out on Sophie’s life.

When she tries to find out more, she inadvertently alerts Paul to Sophie’s new boyfriend and realises Paul’s not aware of the relationship. Not happy with what he’s found out, Paul confronts Sophie and grounds her. Frustrated that Kate seems determined to ensure she’s never happy, Sophie blasts her sister and warns her to stay out of her life.

Rhys scrambles to keep Erin onside, claiming Kate’s simply a jealous ex-girlfriend determined to stop him from moving on. Sucked in by his sob story and Oscar-winning performance as a wronged man, Erin cautiously believes him, even turning on Kate for not letting Rhys live his life. Kate can’t believe Rhys could deceive Erin but he warns her she’s wasting her time messing with him.

Needing to boost his business, Kyle makes a deal with Callum. However, with Callum concerned about Sonya finding out, Kyle agrees to keep it quiet. But how long until it’s discovered?