Sian‘s gobsmacked as Sophie reveals what she’s done. Horrified Sian points out she’s stolen 20K from her dad and refuses to have anything to do with it. Sophie’s defensive, but when she goes to the soup kitchen to find builders ripping it apart, claiming it’s been unoccupied for months, she starts to panic. Finding Sian the girls race to the auction to look for Rob and Janet as Sophie’s worst fears are realised…

As Roy and Hayley agonise over what to do about Hope they go to see Chesney. All agreeing they need to speak to Fiz again about applying for the prison’s mother and baby unit, they plan another visit.

As the dust settles at the Platts, Kylie’s insistent that she and David are moving out. Hitting on a plan Kylie asks Audrey to evict Maria and rent the salon flat to them.

Also, after researching their family ties Julie is convinced that Dennis is practically her uncle.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Sophie’s panic grows as she tries to track down Rob and Janet, but with all avenues exhausted she’s forced to confess to Kevin. Convinced he’s been ripped off Kevin hits the roof and storms round to the Barlows to confront James. As Kevin rages James is stunned when he too fails to track down his bosses. Back home they call the bank terrified that the Websters have lost 20K.

As Audrey offloads all her family woes on Marc he’s understanding, claiming she’s been there for him too. As their evening at the Bistro ends Marc leans in for a kiss.

As Hayley and Ches beg Fiz to reconsider she’s adamant that keeping Hope away from prison is the best thing for her. But when Hayley points out that she could be acquitted and if so will have given up those crucial bonding months with Hope, Fiz’s resolve starts to waver.

Also, Dennis enjoys the perks of being Julie’s ‘uncle’; Sean and Marcus are pleased to hear that Dylan will be staying with them for much longer than first thought; there’s tension between Lloyd and Cheryl as they do up the house.

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