‘Sorry’ seems to be Alicia’s hardest word

David thinks the one thing that will keep Alicia out of prison is an apology to Val. Grovelling to Val just may encourage her to drop the charges against Alicia. Really, David? This is Val you’re talking about. The woman who has been scorned by Pollard and is determined to make everyone pay for that – even though she’s the one who pushed the self-destruct button. Still, Alicia takes a big gulp, swallows her pride and tries to apologise. But Val’s having none of it and they end up rowing. So, what’s David’s Plan B? For Alicia to tell Jacob that Mummy could soon be behind bars…

Nicola’s not happy that Ashley’s still roaming the village and is positively furious when she finds out that Rodney left Angelica home alone with him. Ashley’s own daughter is frightened of him, Rodney! Nicola tells Rodney that Angelica will not be visiting him again while Ashley is living with him, so Ashley moves into the B&B. On his wages???

All of Ashley’s anger started with Marlon and Laurel’s special friendship. Imagine how angry he might be, then, if he saw how Marlon reacts when Paddy wonders if he still has feelings for Laurel. It’s very clear that he does.