Sparks fly between Beth and Will

Out in the patrol car, PCs Beth Green and Will Fletcher screech to a halt when a huge box of fireworks explodes in front of them. They chase after teenager Jason Patterson, who admits that he stole the fireworks from his stepdad Ryan Fuller’s garage, but says they unexpectedly exploded. Concern grows when they realise Ryan is at a football derby in Millwall with the fireworks. Will the officers find him before they explode?

Elsewhere, Sun Hill officers are surprised to learn that Sergeant Smith is deep undercover, with DS Max Carter as his handler and will be attending the match with local hardman Kieran Wallace and arms dealer Denis Turner.

During the game, Wallace introduces Smithy to the boss of Wallace’s gang, Darren Cutler. The sergeant becomes increasingly agitated by Turner’s constant sarcastic interruptions and impresses Cutler by grabbing the cord from the blinds and wrapping it around Turners neck, warning him to keep quiet.

Later, Smithy tricks his colleagues by swapping clothes with Cutler so the gang leader can make a quick getaway. His actions leave several worried officers fearing that Smithy is in too deep and has become a maverick.

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