Sparks fly between Cain and Moira

It’s Fireworks Night, but the big explosion is going off indoors – between Cain and Moira! Moira has been to visit Chas, who begs her (as she has begged every visitor) to protect Cameron – Carl’s real killer (but no one knows that except Cameron). Back in Emmerdale, Moira goes to see Cain to talk about poor, pathetic Chas and all their touchy-feely talking leads to touchy-feely kissing! They’ve been here before and now it looks like they could go there all over again! Except Moira’s not sure she wants Cain to be her rocket man; he could be too hot for her to handle!

While Cain and Moira are smouldering inside, there are plenty of sparks outside… Amelia has created a Guy for the village bonfire – and it looks just like Chas, the woman who broke her dad’s heart. But Paddy and Marlon aren’t looking at that. As fireworks whizz-bang around them, Paddy tells Marlon his criminal conviction (for assaulting a police officer as he fought with Marlon over Leo) could reduce his career as a vet to ashes… And, finally, the two of them see what a terrible mess they’ve made of things.

Meanwhile, in the cafe, Brenda’s creating sparks of interest as she gossips about Dan and Lizzie. Did they or didn’t they? That’s what people are talking about…