Sparks fly between Charlie and Brax

Charlie is worried about Ruby since her collapse. She tells her daughter she needs to put her mistake behind her and not become a victim. Charlie is then called to the Surf Club, where the River Boys are winding up John Palmer. He’s found drugs in a locker and immediately blames the gang. Trying to get Brax to keep his gang under control, she takes him aside. As she reads him the riot act, Brax kisses her! Charlie is furious and arrests him.

Ruby spends the night in hospital. Sid reveals she collapsed due to low blood sugar and is worried that Ruby’s not looking after herself. He talks to her about managing her diabetes but she doesn’t seem interested. And she’s less than pleased when Indi and Romeo come to visit. Romeo can barely look at her.

Elijah continues to try and build a relationship with Thabo and Grace but is struggling. Thabo says he hates it in the Bay and he wants to go home. He keeps snapping that Elijah’s not his father. When Thabo collapses and is rushed to hospital, Elijah starts worry that he has only made things worse for his new wife and child.

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