Sparks fly between Charlie and Diane

If Charlie looks over his shoulder he’ll find Doug there. There’s no missing the chemistry between Charlie and Diane; sparks are flying and there’s a bit of Oooo-la-la in Diane’s eyes when Charlie talks about his property in France. Then Doug comes home and blows away the romance that’s in the air.

Paddy, Chas, Adam, Jackson… they’ve all tried to get through to Aaron, but he’s more trying than any of them. He’s determined to be strong and silent and, if he has to, go to prison, rather than admit that he’s gay and explain why he thumped Jackson. Cain’s been in prison; can’t he paint Aaron a picture of just how bad it could be for him behind bars? Well, no, he can’t because he’s too busy thumping his chest around Farmer John…

Andy has told John how Cain has taken the clutch cable out of his Land Rover. Furious, John roars into the garage and Cain enjoys pushing his buttons. He thinks he has the upper hand, but John still refuses to pay his bill. After he leaves, cocky Cain explodes. He wants his money and he’s determined to get it. John had better watch his back…

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