Chesney and Sinead are getting on well but when Katy arrives in the bistro, the atmosphere is awkward and Katy leaves hurt. Seeing Katy heading home upset, Ryan suggests he takes her for a drink. However, Katy lets him down gently hoping to discuss a reconciliation with Chesney.

Owen’s incredulous as Anna makes a heartbreaking decision and explains she doesn’t want Faye to grow up hating her and if that means going to live with her dad then so be it. Anna calls on Tim and proposes Faye moves in with him on a temporary basis if he’s up to the job. Faye’s thrilled by Anna’s change of heart, but when it comes down to it a broken Anna finds it hard to let her little girl go.

Dev interviews Mary for the nanny job but soon tells her she is unsuitable because of her lack of experience.

Also, Gary calls at Tina’s flat insisting he fits some new window locks for her. While he’s there Tina lets him feel the baby kick inside her. Gary’s beyond excited, but when he tells Izzy that he felt their baby move, her heart sinks; Eileen donates her holiday to a delighted Julie and Brian.