Sparks fly between Daniel and Amber

Josh and Amber try to decipher the mystery of the dead body in the old photograph. When Paul reacts strangely to the image, he convinces Amber to drop the rest of the photo roll off to his penthouse. But Daniel is there and tells Amber he still loves her. Amber tries to deny the spark between them, but as the Australia Day fireworks sparkle, she and Daniel share an electrifying moment.

Erin is nervous about the imminent arrival of Cat, and asks Sonya to take a step back. That night, Brennan reports that Erin has disappeared and cleared him out of wallet, laptop etc. She’s done a runner and Sonya is devastated. Just as there’s a knock at the door – Cat come to visit her mother.

A friendly cricketing rivalry between Toadie and Kyle erupts into an inter-generational Australia Day cricketing extravaganza as they marshal their teams: Gen-X or Gen-Y. Sheila manages to hit a killer ball, and Bossy’s interference ensures Brennan, running for Sheila, gets the results they need. Generation X are champions.