Ash spots a lady having car issues but it’s Denny, who dismisses his offer of help. When Denny sees Ash working at Angelo’s the pair begin flirting, but Brax tells Ash that Denny is off limits. The next day, Ash sees Denny and she’s annoyed that Brax has spoken about her behind her back, but there is an undeniable spark between the pair.

Leah refuses to let Sasha move in, but Matt won’t take no for an answer and Sasha is fuming at his latest brainwave. Leah has an idea when she finds out Nate wants to move out of the caravan park. Later, VJ and Matt tells Leah they plan to convert the spare room into a gaming room, just before Nate arrives with his bags, ready to move in.

Josh makes a list of things he needs to do now he’s staying in school. Brax asks if fixing things with Evelyn is on that list, but Josh explains that he has put her through too much. Evelyn realises she’s not on Josh’s list of ‘things to do.’ Upset, she calls Josh and the pair reunites with a passionate kiss.