Sparks fly on Bonfire Night

Sally has been irritating and devious – now she turns sinister. She’s thrilled when Laurel’s stuck at work and she gets to go with Ashley and his family to the Bonfire Night party. Sally’s fizzing with happiness and fussing over Gabby when Laurel turns up. Ashley gives his wife a big kiss and they enjoy some family togetherness. When Sally offers to take the tired kids home, Ashley and Laurel tell her their children aren’t her responsibility. An angry Sally feels alienated and says nothing when she notices that Laurel’s coat has caught fire…

There are sparks flying in The Woolpack, too. Charity has walked in looking hot and Cain gives her a kiss on the cheek. Happy with herself, Charity goes to Jai at the bar and gives him a kiss. She’s even happier when she sees that Cain is jealous. At the Bonfire Party she continues to flirt with Jai, driving Cain crazy – and distracting Carl, causing him to row with Chas. When Charity tells Cain she’s taking the kids home, she knows he won’t be far behind. What has she got in store?

At the Bartons’ fireworks party, the Wylde’s are not happy to discover that the Guy Fawkes figures look like them. Marlon, on the other hand, is very happy to discover that Moira’s quite a dab hand in the kitchen…

*Second episode, 8pm*

At the Bonfire Party, Sally watches with wicked satisfaction as Laurel’s coat burns. Marlon spots the danger, though and shouts a warning. Quick as a rocket going off, Sally turns from villain to heroine and throws her own coat over the flames, putting out the fire before Laurel is badly injured. Ashley rushes Laurel home and Sally follows, furious that she’s not getting a pat on the back. At the vicarage, desperate for attention, Sally pretends she’s been injured and soon has Ashley fussing over her. But will that satisfy her?

Cain is also feeling a bit hot under the collar, but that’s because of Charity. She’s lured him back to Tug Ghyll and, thinking Debbie’s on a night out, he thinks he’s on a promise. Charity’s certainly looking at him with come-to-bed eyes and Cain can barely contain himself. Then Debbie comes home early… She’s happy to see her parents getting on well and heads off to bed. Cain moves in on Charity but she gives him a quick kiss and goes to bed, too.

Not exactly hot but definitely warming to each other, Marlon promises a worried Moira that he will talk to Aaron about his behaviour with Holly and she’s touched by his sympathy. But who’s going to keep an eye on Marlon’s behaviour with Moira?

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