Valerie wants one last big night out before she leaves The Mill when Mrs Tembe notices her church is having a charity speed dating event. When they arrive, Karen and Mrs Tembe both meet the charming middle-aged fox, Julian, who’s worldly, well-travelled – and a Christian! As the dating concludes, Julian attempts to make a move on Karen when Valerie accidentally spills a drink on his shirt.

As Karen takes Julian away to get him cleaned up, Mrs Tembe is left holding his jacket when his phone rings, she answer it and her demeanour changes… When word spreads, Karen turns on him, as many of the other women that Julian had been hitting on all come together in a show of solidarity. Mrs Tembe gives Julian back the wedding ring from his jacket pocket, and Karen pours a glass of wine over the philanderer’s head!

Mandy rejects the invite to go speed dating because an old friend, Anne-Marie, is coming around for dinner. Over dessert, Anne-Marie kisses Mandy who’s flattered but feels it’s still too soon after Freya. Anne-Marie’s been offered a new job but wanted to see if the old chemistry she had with Mandy could lead somewhere before she agreed to take it. Anne-Marie leaves Mandy to stew over her missed opportunity.

Al finally meets Jimmi’s new girlfriend Hermione but is left unimpressed with her intent on pushing the boundaries of Jimmi’s OCD and, later, when she gives him a kiss on the lips! Later, Jimmi freaks out when Hermione locks him in the cupboard under the stairs, so that he can deal with his claustrophobia issues. Jimmi breaks out and turns on her – what is she thinking?! Jimmi tells her he needs some space and she has to leave…