Spencer and Evie grow closer!

Just as Spencer lets slip that he has feelings for Evie, she runs into the Surf Club to get help for Oscar. John recognises that Oscar’s having a panic attack and sends him to hospital. Evelyn desperately wants to help her brother, but Oscar is confused and pushes Evie away. Evie blames herself and confides in Spencer, who’s caring and supportive.

Josh avoids telling Maddy that he wants to do well in school because he thinks she will make him feel bad about it. Feeling hurt that Josh would rather study than hang out with her, Maddy storms off. Later, back at the house, Maddy continues to ridicule Josh about the study. Annoyed by this, Josh tells Maddy that all she cares about is herself, and he leaves.

John wants to take Marilyn for a romantic weekend away. Unbeknownst to John, when he’s booking the hotel, Marilyn overhears him regard her as his wife on the phone. She freaks out about this and cancels their lunch date.

Later, John asks her what’s wrong and she admits she overheard him. Embarrassed, John tells her that he feels uncomfortable calling Marilyn his girlfriend and that people will think he is not man enough to commit to her. This swings Marilyn into action…