Spencer and Maddy arrive in Summer Bay

Teenagers Spencer and his sister Maddy turn up looking for a caravan for the night but the following morning Alf’s furious when they run off without paying. He mentions the pair to John who spots them while having lunch at Angelo’s but when he confronts them they manage to evade him and run out without paying again.

Meanwhile, Colleen and Celia continue to fuss over Harvey and it’s driving Alf mad. When they manage to drop his new mp3 player into Colleen’s poultice mixture, Alf loses his cool and orders his three sisters out – they’ve out-stayed their welcome. After they’ve packed, he watches them march out, except for Celia who seems rooted to the spot – she’s got no place to go…

Tamara puts her case for a relationship to Casey but he has to go away and think about it. Ultimately, he admits there’s a connection but he believes they both have issues to deal with first – he with his brothers and Tamara with her parents.

April persuades a reluctant Dex to attend the University open day but he misses his medical tests as a result, which Sid’s not happy about. Later, Dex seems to have some kind of fit while out with April and, though he soon comes round, Alf is forced to call Sid. Dex fears he’s going to have to live with epilepsy for the rest of his life but April reassures him they’ll deal with things together and resolves to move into the Farm to be with him.