As Spencer and Sasha try to study, Sasha is distracted by his un-focused behaviour and leaves. But as Spencer tries to follow her, he sees Josh with Maddy and immediately lunges at him. After the fight, Sasha heads home to find Indi and Chris and tells them about the fight. The next morning, Spencer tells Chris he doesn’t need to worry about anything, but he later walks out of an exam. When Chris confronts him, Spencer tries to fight but collapses.

When Winston walks Maddy home, Roo and Alf are worried that Maddy is still hanging out with the guy who ran her off the road. The next morning Brax offers to buy Josh breakfast. Josh thinks he’s trying to get information about Andy and storms out. Brax then calls Heath, who reveals that he was in juvenile detention with Andy.

Marilyn’s worried that Winston’s still in love with her and wants to encourage him to leave the bay. She is on the brink of making a round-the-world booking when Harvey and Roo tell her that Winston is broke. Later, to everyone’s surprise, Winston shows up with news that one of his company’s has secured a new patent and he’s going on the world trip after all, and he wants Harvey with him.