Spencer considers going to Sanctuary Lodge

After hearing of Romeo’s death, Sasha seeks comfort from Spencer. But Spencer’s distracted and Sasha’s hurt that he’s so indifferent to her grief. Spencer, spun out by his faux-pas goes to Alf, and inadvertently reveals Romeo has died. Alf warns Spencer not to take life for granted. Later, Spencer tells Sasha he’s going to stay at Sanctuary Lodge, that he found online. Little do either of them know that it’s Murray’s cult.

Indi’s stressed organising Romeo’s remains to be returned to her and pushes away Chris, who goes to Sasha for advice. Robyn overhears and tells Chris he deserves better. Chris is convinced Robyn’s behind Indi’s cold attitude and yells at her to leave him alone, but then apologises. Chris seeks out Indi who reveals that Romeo has died, and that she needs Chris to give her space. Robyn sympathises, she knows all about rejection.

Casey’s concerned about what they can do to help Brax. Tamara realises she’s falling deep for Casey but needs to put aside her feelings to support him. Leah’s concerned that Tamara isn’t looking after herself. Heath tells Casey they can no longer rely on Brax. Later, Casey tells Tamara he wants her with him, and kisses her.