Spencer continues to lie to Sasha

Chris plays cupid and Sasha and Spencer are happy to be a couple again. While walking home, Spencer suggests she and him go skinny-dipping. Seeing Spencer energised causes Sasha’s worries to rise. When Roo further pressures Spencer to exploding point both Roo and Sasha realise something is seriously wrong.

Hannah arranges to meet with Ethan at The Diner, but is shocked to see Murray there instead. Murray and Evelyn come to an agreement, promising he will bring Evie to visit Oscar, Zac and Hannah in the Bay. Murray arrives at The Diner with Evelyn, who reveals she has not been allowed to see her father or attend the Discovery Weekend. When Zac expresses concern, she tells them not to pressure her to leave Sanctuary Lodge. Murray baits Zac into becoming violent, while Hannah tells Murray she’ll come for Evelyn.

Jett tells everyone at The Diner that Brax has been arrested. Kyle tells Tamara that Brax killed someone, then pushes her away. Meanwhile, Robyn hits on Kyle and the pair head off somewhere they can be together. John takes Jett around to Kyle’s house to apologise for blabbing. When Kyle opens the door Robyn comes sauntering behind him leaving Jett and John amused.

Robyn shows up at the gym to brag about her night with Kyle to Chris, but it backfires when Chris is pleased she’s moving on.