Lauren and Gaz decide to cheer Spencer up, hoping they can wangle some money out of him. Meeting Emma in MOBs, Lauren’s pleased when she agrees to have a drink with him. But Spencer and Emma start arguing as Spencer realises that Emma was the girl who stood him up.

Zak’s wracked with guilt about his one night stand with Laura. As he tries to hide the evidence of the previous night, Michaela knocks on his door. The pair make up but Zak can’t shake his guilt. Later he bumps into an angry Charlotte and is horrified as she makes it clear she’s fully aware of his tryst.

Calvin’s preparing Ravi for his best man duties. But after showing Malachy his poor attempts at a speech, Ravi realises that he just isn’t cut out for the job. With no best man, Calvin’s at a loss and tells Malachy it may be an idea to postpone the wedding. Malachy, determined that the wedding will go ahead, offers himself for the role.

Also; Ravi’s head is turned when a beautiful stranger enters Relish. Unbeknownst to him though, she gives him a false name. Ravi’s persuaded by Leo to ask for her number, she seems reluctant at first but eventually obliges.

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