Spencer’s brother arrives in Summer Bay

Spencer and Maddy are happy again but things are about to get confused as Chris, Spencer’s happy-go-lucky brother arrives in Summer Bay wanting to crash with him for a while. Chris tells his brother things are bad at home; their parents’ marriage is falling apart, partly as a result of him leaving home. Spencer mentions this to Maddy who promises that when things have settled down they’ll talk to their parents again.

Romeo surprises Indi by whisking her away on a romantic ‘glamping’ break, with no interruptions from the outside world. They have a wonderful time together as Romeo creates some wonderful new memories for them before his cancer takes hold.

Casey is angry that Heath has ‘taken’ his job, even though his brother reminds him it’s just until he’s fit again. Observing the sibling rivalry, Kyle offers to throw an engagement party at Angelo’s for Bianca and Heath, who takes him up on the offer. It’s at short notice, though, and Bianca is worried no one will come.

Meanwhile, determined to show he can work, Casey overdoes it and ends up in agony…