Spencer struggles to comprehend the terrible news that Calvin left Warren to die. Sasha feels awful about blurting out the truth and blames Calvin for the whole mess. With Gaz badly bruised and Lauren shaken by Kyle’s attack, they resolve to get out of town as soon as they can. Unaware of this, Sasha insists that they must go to Calvin’s wedding, it’s time people learnt about the real Calvin Valentine.

Kris and Cheryl are on tenterhooks as Malachy delivers his Best Man’s speech. With months of pent-up jealousy and rage, Malachy is finally ready for action. Jacqui encourages him to exact revenge. With Malachy primed for murder, all he needs now is the gun.

Calvin and Carmel are thrilled that they’re now man and wife again, while Tony apologises to Jacqui for all the pain he caused her, he now knows how much it must have hurt. Meanwhile, Suzanne’s marriage to Neville is endangered as Suzanne and Darren begins to escalate.

Also; Dave, Tex and India abandon the murder mystery and Tex steals a car to aid their escape. India is once again horrified by her sister’s recklessness.

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