Spencer enlists Marilyn’s help in creating a romantic evening Sasha will never forget. Spencer takes a blindfolded Sasha to the closed diner and turns on some music to set the mood. Meanwhile, a bemused Chris enters to see Sasha blindfolded. Sasha mistakes him for her boyfriend and kisses him. Spencer arrives in time to see his brother in her embrace.

Hannah and Zac tell Oscar and Evelyn about the death of their father. Hannah comforts Zac who feels like he never got the chance to clear the air with his brother. As Hannah and Zac kiss, the twins are angry to see the pair together. Zac finds himself lying about the extent of his feelings for Hannah. When Evelyn has a go at Zac and Hannah, Oscar defends them, saying it was just a kiss. Evelyn debunks that myth and Oscar feels betrayed that Zac lied to him. Devastated, Zac ends things with Hannah.

Heath thanks Andy for stopping him from going too far with Montgomery and Josh gives Andy a second chance. Maddy tells Josh if he wants Andy in his life, then she won’t stand in his way. Josh is floored by how understanding she is. Josh and Andy reconcile and decide to move into a caravan together.