Sasha visits the police station and soon after Calvin is interviewed about his involvement in Warren’s death. The only way Calvin can get out of it is by using Sasha’s history as a drug addict against her. Calvin bumps into an old friend at the station and accidentally lets slip that he knows something about the Holly case. Under questioning, Calvin’s worried he’ll be unable to hide the fact that he knows about Spencer’s involvement in Holly’s disappearance.

Lauren is all packed and ready to go but she seems a little hesitant. Anita bumps into her and questions why she’s avoiding Gaz when she is supposed to be running away with him.

Lauren confides in Anita about Sasha’s claims that Calvin was involved in Warren’s death. Gaz catches Lauren talking to Anita and assumes that she is the reason for Lauren changing her mind about their escape.

Also; Kris begins his first day as a mentor at Hollyoaks High. Nancy’s horrified when he turns up rocking his own individual style, something that the kids find highly amusing. As Nancy pleads with him to tone things down, Kris remains adamant that he won’t change for anyone. Later, he bumps into Des and Gaz and they tell him some home truths.

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