First seen at the wheel of a hurtling getaway car dressed in a clown outfit, Mel Gibson’s nameless crook crashes through the US-Mexico border fence and ends up in a spectacularly grungy Mexican jail.

His chances of survival in the teeming, squalid, cutthroat world of ‘El Pueblito’ would appear slim, but Gibson’s out-and-out-rogue of an anti-hero is nothing if not resourceful.

Befriending a scrappy 10-year-old kid, he begins to work out the weak links in the chain that leads up to the jail’s sleazy kingpin, aiming to get out, retrieve his loot and strike back at his old enemies before they can track him down.

Oozing charisma, a grizzled Gibson is perfectly cast and shows he’s still got plenty of live-wire energy in the film’s scorching shootouts.