Stabbed in the back!

Jeff gets into a nasty situation when he discovers Samantha’s secret. At her house he’s confronted by a man who turns out to be Sam’s husband Simon. The men fight and in the melee Sam gets hit. Simon goes for her again and he’s stabbed when she defends herself with a knife!

Simon’s in a critical condition, but when Jeff won’t lie that it was an accident and reveals he doesn’t love her, Sam tells police that Jeff stabbed Simon! Fortunately, he secretly filmed her confession at the house. He’s a free man…

Meanwhile, Tamzin prioritises Jeff’s problems over her own wedding – is she ready to admit her true feelings for him?

Elsewhere, Max helps a young couple stand up to their families.

Charlie returns to work but is unwell, causing Connie to voice her concerns about his performance to Tess and Ash.