Stace, there’s something I want to ask you

Stacey seems back to her old self and she insists on going to work and Jean is wrong-footed by Stacey’s sudden turnaround. Bradley invites Stacey for a drink and tells her he has something important to ask her. Stacey is sad when Bradley asks her for a divorce and returns her dad’s wedding ring. Back home, Stacey looks at the ring and breaks down.

Peggy tells Jack that she wants to spend some time with him and invites him to the Vic at lunchtime. Jack wonders what Peggy is up to and it soon becomes clear when she produces the engagement ring she found in the flat and confronts him. Jack is taken aback, but he promises a protective Peggy that he will take care of Ronnie. Jack is gobsmacked when Peggy tells him that he’d better propose quick as she’s arranging the engagement party for Monday!

Denise is devastated that Chelsea has run off with Ellis and she wants to find her. Lucas insists that they have to give Chelsea the time she needs and he’s sure that she will come home. Libby and Patrick watch Denise and Lucas as they kiss. Libby sees a woman watching from across the Square and Patrick’s face falls – it’s Trina, Lucas’s ex.

Also, Whitney finds a mysterious key in the envelope that her mum left her; Christian is floored when Syed kisses him.