Stacey and Kush kiss!

Kush is back in the Square, soon realising that Shabnam’s frosty behaviour towards him hasn’t changed. With Dean playing on her mind, Shabnam can’t bring herself to be honest with Kush about her history, instead telling Kush she’s had a date with Asim.

When Kush sees Dean harassing Stacey, trying to find out more about Shabnam’s baby, Kush sends Dean on his way. Asking Kush in for a drink as a thank you, Stacey and Kush are soon tipsy and they kiss. Stacey tells Kush about Shabnam’s secret… Meanwhile, Dean tells a shocked Shirley and Buster that he has a daughter by Shabnam and he’s determined to find her!

Cindy is still worried that she’s made the right decision in deciding to let Jane and Ian adopt Beth. Opening up to Liam, Cindy explains she’ll still be living with her daughter, so things won’t seem much different. Carol talks to Cindy and suggests that there is another option – she can let another family adopt Beth.

Also, Alfie gets terrible news. He pays a secretive visit to a doctor and has an MRI scan and is diagnosed with a brain tumour! They don’t know if it’s malignant or benign and Alfie is understandably upset. He weighs up whether or not to tell Kat, but when she presents him with tickets to Spain, decides not to and to push ahead with their emigration.