Stacey and Max are caught on camera!

Stacey is left alone with Max after she and Bradley go to the Brannings to talk about the wedding. Stacey provocatively asks Max what he thought of her dress and there is a moment of charged intensity. Max panics when he notices that Lauren is filming them and he grabs the video camera, worried about what she has seen.

Kevin discovers that Deano hasn’t slept in his bed and he realises that his son has done a runner. When Chelsea finds out that her partner-in-crime has left the Square she’s furious and threatens to go to the police. Kevin talks Chelsea round but when Sean taunts her about the court case, she angrily lets slip what has happened.

Steven is nervous when the police start making inquiries regarding Ian’s disappearance. Later, Jane gets a text from Ian saying that he needs more time to think. Jane is relieved that Ian is still alive, but all is not as it seems. Steven has the phone that ‘Ian’ texted from and he throws it into an allotment bonfire.

Also, Darren returns, but does he have another girlfriend? Heather looks for a job.

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