Stacey and Max kiss!

Max offers to go to court to support Alice when Carol isn’t well, but instead he sneaks off to see Stacey. With Kat due in court determined to give her false testimony, Stacey begs Max to get Kat to change her mind. Max lies he can’t speak to Kat because she’s in witness protection. As Max comforts Stacey, old feelings are rekindled and they share a passionate kiss. Max heads to the bathroom only to return and find Stacey gone.

Kat is riddled with guilty over her decision to help Janine in court. While Alfie pressures Kat not to go through with it, Mo encourages her to lie to help Stacey, with Kat finally giving in to Mo. Meanwhile, Alfie’s secret is about to catch up with him when an Australian woman, Nicole, arrives at the burger van asking after him…

Ian has let Jake stay over after he returns to the Square, but the family are appalled to wake up to find him surrounded by empty bottles. When Denise insists Ian kicks him out, Ian stands up for him, but tells Jake to clean up his act. Denise wonders what Ian is up to when he also helps Jake by getting him a job in Alfie’s burger van.

Also, Ronnie threatens Adam and Nora.