Stacey sits alone in the house crying hysterically. Meanwhile, Dr Al tells Jean that he’ll arrange for an emergency team to section Stacey. Jean finds Stacey packing a bag and insists all she needs is new medication. Stacey manically downs a handful of pills and a horrified Jean forces her to throw them up.

Stacey reveals that she’s been seeing people, including her dead father. Stacey wants to apologise to Bradley and bursts into Dot’s and tells a stunned Bradley that she loves him. The taxi arrives to take Bradley and Syd to the airport and Stacey begs him not to leave, insisting that she’s his wife. Syd has had enough and tells a devastated Stacey that the divorce was finalised weeks ago.

Stacey runs home only to be confronted by Jean, Dr Al, a psychiatrist, a nurse and a policeman. Stacey attacks the policeman with a table lamp and escapes the house but she falls and the police restrain her. Bradley is horrified and tries to save Stacey but Syd drags him away. A sobbing Stacey is forced into the police car as Bradley and Syd leave Walford and a devastated Jean is left alone in the Square.

Also, Ronnie dumps Joel.

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